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"Shy Cramps, Soft Guts" by Luis Campos with Relaciones Públicas, Art

Open thru Oct. 9.
Thursdays to Saturdays or with appointment

Listening party
Tracks from the album of the same name and an improv around the show 
Saturday from 12 to 7pm
Praga 35, Col. Juárez
Mexico City

For more information:
Relaciones Públicas, Fina Art


Constant ruptures and juxtapositions of activities make up one of the most typical characteristics of the new experience in the culture of media with access to information, and perhaps they are also the most palpable expression of the new forms of anxiety.

– Juan Martín Prada, El ver y las imágenes en el tiempo de internet, AKAL, 2018, p. 29.


This exhibition is mostly about painting. The recent work of Luis Campos is representational noise, and it could be better described by making an analogy between sound and image: there are bass and treble tones that define the form/background; movements, rhythms, echoes and delays, superimposed in pictorial layers.

The exhibition is divided into five environments; a narrative journey in which the physical presence of sound is discovered, sourced by various analog devices, concentrated in the last rooms. Single-note delayed melodies make up the pulse that transcends into rooms where almost only paintings are shown. The exhibition has heartbeat … the need to have a physical meeting with the painting is revealed. You have to go through the aesthetic line that interweaves translation relationships with the spatial and visual environment, and also go through the sound and pause to contemplate.

Fourteen paintings then emerge as de-signified spaces, escaping, getting reconfigurated. The beats of the amps reaffirm the loop, the repetition and reverb contained in the oils. A saturation that is both noise and melody; it is present and absent, pattern and randomness–intrusion.

Campos’ work is about liminal spaces. The paintings are indeterminate, half way between abstract and figurative, by way of recognition of the excessive desire. It’s in this liminality that Campos’s paintings halt, showing that indeterminacy has nuances and tints, and that tension and weight can be felt in the intestines.

Shy Cramps, Soft Guts is Luis Campos’ second solo exhibition with Relaciones Públicas, Art

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