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"Ser Pallay" book presentation

Date & time: Friday, April 21 at 7:30 pm

Location: Pinta PArC Auditory, Lima, peru

Participants: Cristina Gutiérrez (textile designer, specialist in native fibers), Florencia Portocarrero (curator), María José Murillo (artist), Nilda Callañaupa (director of the CTTC), Susie Quillinan (researcher and curator), Verovcha (artist)

Ser Pallay is a textile art project that revolved around the creation of kunan pallaykuna (contemporary Andean textile iconography) and is the result of a long term collaboration between textile artists María José Murillo (Arequipa, 1989), Verovcha (Lima, 1994) and weaving artists associated with the Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco (CTTC): Alipio Melo (Pitumarca, 1989), Celia Sabina Pfoccohuanca (Accha Alta, 1985), Cintia Ylla (Chahuaytire, 1997), Cristina Ylla (Chahuaytire, 1997), Hermelinda Espinoza (Sallac, 2004), Luz Clara Cusihuaman (Chinchero, 2004), Miriam Quispe (Chinchero, 2006), Norma Ojeda (Patabamba, 1980).

Curated by Florencia Portocarrero, the main objective of Ser Pallay has been to generate a space for the exchange of knowledge and co-authorship among artists who, although they have dissimilar origins and training, share a real commitment to Andean weaving. The project was built in twelve meetings between September and November 2021, which brought together the ten artists at the headquarters of the CTTC in the city of Cusco and the Vigil Gonzales gallery in Urubamba. Thanks to the support of ICPNA Cultural, in 2023 Ser Pallay arrived at the Juan Pardo Heeren hall in the historic center of Lima to share with the capital’s audience aspects of the creation of the project that could not be explored in its first staging and to open a discussion on the regional textile traditions of Cusco.

Designed by the graphic studio Te Mata, the publication of Ser Pallay is a space for interweaving the personal and collective stories that run through the project. The book brings together three essays: an introduction by curator Florencia Portocarrero, an experimental text based on the testimonies of the ten artists compiled by María José Murillo and Verovcha, and an essay specially commissioned to Nilda Callañaupa, director of the CTTC.



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