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Art Latinou presents "Invención del paisaje" by Andrea Rey, Vanessa Freitag y Yohanna M. Roa

Mexico City, Mexico
From September 30 to October 30, 2020

Online exhibition
Curated by: Ixchel Ledesma
Museography by: Marife Medrano
Direction: Adriana Gomez
Opening by zoom
Wednesday, September 30th, 2020
6:30 pm (CDMX)
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Art Latinou
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Invention of the Landscape seeks to open virtual, digital, and creative space. A place to remember and become what we are, reinventing ourselves from what we hope we could be. Thus, the exhibition becomes a space of becoming, a space of affinities, and interconnections between compatible forces that mutually attract each other by playing with the possibilities of virtuality in digital space.

The online exhibition seeks to decolonize territories and create others, pushing the artifice to the limit in the possibilities of digital virtuality and the imagination. The exhibition is divided into three installations: Habitat II by Yohanna M. Roa, Interior Garden by Vanessa Freitag, and Amorous Organisms by Andrea Rey. The installations are also connected by their textile materiality, a genderized labor usually linked to the feminine and minor art under the perspective of patriarchal discourses in art history. Enunciating from this genre does not deny the sexed body of a woman. Instead, it turns it into the territory from which the re-signification of its symbolic value is possible and where the construction of its imaginary landscape is possible.

Don’t miss the guided tour of the viewing room with the curator this September 30th, you’ll learn all about the amazing masterpieces!

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