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ESPAC presenta: «Distancia Doble», de Ana Bidart y Armando Robles

Ciudad de México
February 1, 2019 – May 18, 2020

Double Distance
Ana Bidart & Armando Rosales  

Goethe 130, Anzures,
11590 Ciudad de México, CDMX

February 1 – May 18, 2019

More information:
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Guided tour of the exhibition with Ana Bidart and Armando Rosales
Saturday, February 16 / 12 hrs.
Free entrance / More info here

This project explores the exhibition space and ESPAC’s collection through a series of works made by Ana Bidart and Armando Rosales. Even though the exhibition contemplates some previous works by both artists, the show is mostly conformed by a series of commissioned works and site-specific interventions.

The curatorial proposal that articulates these pieces states that, before a white cube–an exhibition model that is characterized for its asepsis, for its establishment of a cutting division between the inside and the outside, for generating a sensation of statism and timelessness, as well as several conventions–ESPAC’s exhibition space is that of a house. Starting from this fact, the project poses different possibilities to inhabit it and to establish special and conceptual relations from the Double distance that the work of these artists propitiates.

Also, the exhibition gathers a selection of pieces belonging to ESPAC’s collection focused on figurative solutions of anthropomorphic character or spatial representations. However, it is not the case of naturalist works, since in most of them space is decomposed and the body is object of a distortion, it is found in difficult positions or in movement. Altogether with the works of the invited artists, this selection invites to think how do space and architecture work in relation to the body and the display of objects.

Imagen/Image: Ana Bidart, Peso total, 2019. Video


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