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Ch. ACO and GWS join in an associative network

1st Conferenve: September 2, 2021

Ch.ACO Fair from November 22 – 28 , 2021 
GWS from September 30 to October 1, 2021

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Gallery Weekend Santiago
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Ch.ACO and Gallery Weekend join in an Association Network. The alliance will implement collaborative practices and actions that will allow greater dissemination, linkages with new audiences and promote the commercialization of contemporary art from Chile to the world.
ArteParlante is the first initiative, which consists of a series of meetings to exchange experiences on current topics of interest.  Through online conferences involving relevant actors from the world of art and other digital content, it seeks to create bridges, especially, between Chile, Peru, Mexico and Argentina.
Beginning in September, the first 4 conversations will be held in collaboration with the most important Spanish-speaking art media: Arteinformado, Arte al Día, ArtNexus and Terremoto, and will include a series of artistic content, documentaries and performances. 

In parallel to the realization of these, the events Gallery Weekend Santiago will be held from September 30 to October 3 and Feria Ch.ACO #12 from 22 to 28 November.
Conference #1
From the Global to the Regional: New Behaviours of the Art System.
Moderated by: Gustavo Pérez, Head of Editorial and Analysis at ARTEINFORMADO.COM

The crisis has been a global trigger, uncovering trends that were already coming. What is the current situation?What are the axes of work to be sought or desired?Why is a new model needed?  and What could it be? are some of the questions raised in the first talk of ArteParlante.

 In the post-pandemic world, the different agents of art must engage in horizontal relationships that promote dialogue and collaboration, while at the same time returning from the global to the local, the near and the identity.  Today more than ever, it is necessary to create instances of collaboration to activate the local scene, between cultural institutions, galleries and artists. 

Date: September 2, 2021
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