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BFI presents at NADA Miami: A Requiem from a Reindeer By Siri Borge

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021
Ice Palace Studios
1400 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33136

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Bas Fisher Invitational
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The Reindeer has haunted Borge since 2013 and enters her art at random times. She once slid down a steep sand dune at an old sand deposit in a vulva made of paper mâché, while wearing a reindeer-head and holding the American flag in one hand.

In her new performance at NADA Miami, entitled A Requiem from a Reindeer, the artist uses a theremin, an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical touch, and a loop pedal to create soundscapes that gradually build and end abruptly — all while wearing a reindeer mask. This interplay between human society and nature lies at the core of the work, blending the seductive and off-putting, mirroring the impact of human development on the natural world with its unintended and frequently disastrous consequences.

Siri Borge is an artist, curator, writer and elected politician based in Stavanger, Norway. Borge’s works are often site specific, using sculpture, installations, performance, photo and film. As a maximalist she prefers to use all at once. Her art can be identified by her strong feminist and socio-political concepts that guide her artistic practice. She has initiated a number of curatorial projects at Studio 17, an artist-run space in Stavanger. Borge has exhibited at the Stavanger Kunstmuseum; Malmø Konsthall; V2, Rotterdam; Side Quest Gallery, New York; Galleri Hi10, Skien; and is currently working on a solo exhibition for Bryne Kunstforening.

A Requiem from a Reindeer is presented by Bas Fisher Invitational (BFI), Miami, Florida, and the Rogaland Kunstsenter (RKS), Stavanger, Norway as part of Heat Exchange, a new reciprocal residency program offered between the organizations. This new initiative brought three Norwegian artists to Miami in July 2021, and will send three artists from Miami to Norway in May 2022 to research each countries’ different approaches to cultural funding and municipal-artist partnership.

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