We did not choose this future

If the white and colonial pandemic has systematically denied the course and ways of non-white lives, artist iki yoss piña narváez funes calls, from poetics, on Black resistance from the expanded body.

We did not choose this future. We did not choose the colonial pandemic.



In the dark, during this transatlantic time, our bodies were controlled. The colonial pandemic prison regime sought to enclose our bodies and our languages.



We Black Maroons were able to escape. Our Black telepathy hasn’t been controlled either.



The white and colonial pandemic always existed. Post-pandemic time doesn’t exist because we live in this anti-Black, anti-Indigenous, and anti-trans* world. This is the pandemic world. We know that “there are Black people in the future” [1] because “Black love and freedom reside beyond the body”. [2]



Black love is telepathic because we are always remembering that we are alive. We know death is one more path of exú. For us, Blacks, indigenous people—fugitives of cisgenderism—death is not the end of life.

Text and illustrations by iki yos piña narváez funes


  1. Alisha B. Wormsley

  2. Walidah Imarisha, Rewriting the Future: Using Science Fiction to Re-Envision Justice, February 11, 2011. Available at


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