The People Don't Give Up, Damn It! Temístocles Machado Archive and Monument: For the Defense of the Buenaventura Territory

As a tribute to land rights defender Don Temístocles Machado, researcher David Gutiérrez and artist Liliana Angulo Cortés share with us the living memory of a community that resists the developmentalist and ecocidal imposition of the Colombian government.

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  1. “Minga is established as a historically constructed process which has its beginnings in the social struggles developed [in Colombia] from the seventies until now. It has become a stage where the social sectors have been in constant search of a space of recognition and autonomy both in the public and private spheres, where they no longer fight about difference (as they did in the nineties). Rather, it is that difference that unites them and allows for each social organization to become involved in a joint project, through the construction of platforms of action and struggle for common objectives and in accordance with
    the common good.” Alen Felipe Castaña Rico, La minga de resistencia social y comunitaria: construcción de proyecto de movilización popular bajo lógicas de articulación intersectoriales [Minga as Social and Community Resistance: Building a Public Mobilization Project Under the Logic of Intersectional Coordination] (Universidad ICESI, 2017), 7

  2. Local ancestral practice that means “trade exchange.” It is based on solidarity and peer relationships over money.


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