Earthen Passages: Artist Alfredo Ceibal’s Prophetic Journeys

Writer and curator Diego Ventura Puac-Coyoy contrasts Mayan knowledge with the forthcoming and memory projected in Guatemala’s landscapes: where artist Alfredo Ceibal dreams of painting as a healing exercise.

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  1. According to our origin story, the Maya K’iche are children of fire. The Kaqchikels are children of the bat and the Tz’utujiles heirs of water.

  2. Zucchini

  3. Kabrakan, responsible for the earthquakes according to the K’iche’ holy book Popol Wuj.

  4. The Indian is a social construction, a stereotype configured by the racist and classist state of what a Mayan descendant should and should not be. The term is used in anthropology and social sciences.

  5. The one that moves the hills and causes landslides. Kabrakan’s brother according to the Popol Wuj.

  6. Maya Q’eqchi territory that has been robbed by the Guatemalan state, assassinating the original owners of the lands and community leaders to cede mining and monoculture concessions.


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