After situating Brazilian extractivism as the continuum of an intercontinental colonial order, the artist and curator Cláudio Bueno points to the imaginative power of contemporary artistic practices from the South that face the fallacies perpetuated by global technological infrastructures.

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  1. “Linha do tempo: O Tempo Dos Povos Africanos” produced by Elisa Larkin Nascimento/IPEAFROSECAD/MEC-UNESCO. Available at [Accessed August 13, 2019].

  2. Bird pictogram that turns its head to tail to fetch an egg.

    A geometric gold-weight with an abstract motif of a sankofa bird, 17th–20th century. Image: trustees the British Museum (2019) – licensed by Creative Commons.

  3. Translator’s note: The orixás are the deities of the Afro-Brazilian religious tradition of Candomblé.

     Una pesa de oro geométrica con un motivo abstracto de un pájaro sankofa, s. 17-20. Imagen: fideicomiso por el British Museum (2019) – Licencia por Creative Commons.

  4. For more information, visit

  5. Jota Mombaça, Não existe o pós-colonial! in Digital magazine of the Goethe Institut: [Accesed on September 5, 2019].


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