Llave – Mateo López

MXN 5,000.00

Mateo López sent us a contour drawing of his studio’s key in NYC. A local locksmith in Mexico City interpreted the drawing producing an illegal key. It might open the door in Brooklyn — though we don’t know the exact address of Mateo’s studio. He is interested in taking the drawing beyond the two dimensional, using the gesture of drawing as a tool to design objects.

The key functions as a metaphor of the mysteries surrounding the artist’s studio and the creative process within it.

Mateo López`s work has been shown at The Drawing Center de Nueva York, Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona, and the Museo de Arte de la Universidad Nacional de Bogotá.

Llave, 2017
Key to the artist’s studio
Dimensions: 0,4 x 1,6 inches
1 x 4 cm
Edition of 20 + 3AP

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