The Rhea’s Footprint (or How We Transform Silences)

MXN 700.00

English / Spanish
128 pages
Soft paste, printed in color
16 x 22 cm

ISBN: 978-607-99397-1-7

In The Rhea’s Footprint (or How We Transform Silences) there is a tenuous continuity between voices, skins, and stars, but above all, dust. The dust of the footprints of the rhea that the colonizers turned into the Southern Cross; the dust that some bodies were forced swallow when fixing their nomadic sexualities within a gender identity; the dust accumulated on the photographs kept in the personal archives of bodies that transcend the normativity of that colonial imposition. But also, the dust that arises when dancing or that nests under our fingernails when we dig into our history to pull out another narrative thread, another breath, to carefully raise the images, memories, and noises of those forms of life that have not stopped biting, to excite another movement with their saliva.

Edited by Río Paraná (Mag de Santo y Duen Sacchi)

Works by Archivo de la Memoria Trans Argentina, Archivo y Memoria LGBTIQ Salta , Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, Pancho Casas, Giuseppe Campuzano, Javi Vargas Soto Mayor, Jonas Van Holanda, Las Yeguas del Apocalipsis (Pedro Lemebel & Pancho Casas) con Gloria Camiruaga, Lukas Avendaño, Sebastián Molina Merajver, Seba Calfuqueo, Río Paraná (Mag de Santo y Duen Sacchi), Eliazar Ortiz, Ricardo Vergara & Lulu V. Molinares

Designed by Priscila Clementti

In collaboration with Museo de Arte Contemporáneo MAC Panamá

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