José Clemente Orozco: Final Cut

MXN 800.00

Spanish / English
160 pages
Hard cover, printed in color
22.5 x 29 cm
ISBN: 978-607-98750-1-5

How is Orozco’s body of work still relevant today? In an interplay of temporalities, this catalog accompanies the exhibition José Clemente Orozco: Final Cut—taking place at the Arizona State University Art Museum in 2021—and outlines the late works of one of the greatest exponents of Muralism in Mexico and beyond, rendering the complexity of his creative processes, and adding new scholarship to the field. By featuring a collection of unpublished materials from his personal archive, this book also puts into dialogue the echoes of the painter’s influence found in contemporary practices in the city of Guadalajara, where he has left an undeniable mark to our day.

Edited by Ana Gabriela García

Designed by Surya Son

Texts by Dafne Cruz Porchini, Miki Garcia, Julio César Morales & José Clemente Orozco Farías
Works by José Clemente Orozco, Karian Amaya Ozaeta, Isa Carrillo, Claudia Cisneros, Cynthia Gutiérrez, Gonzalo Lebrija, Lourdes Martínez, Eamon Ore-Giron, Eduardo Sarabia, Emanuel Tovar & Luis Alfonso Villalobos

Photograph: Fabiola Torres-Alzaga

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