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ISBN: 9-786079-939724

I have always wanted to show to what extent the body can be an artistic, political and social medium, especially  the body of women. I am interested in showing the countless beings that hide behind the self, the reinvention of the self, which allows us to be in our totality. I am not, but we are.

This is how the French artist ORLAN defines the creative process that led to her most recent series of Self-Hybridations Mayas [Maya Self-Hybridizations]. This series created specially for Hibridaciones, the exhibition curated by Leïla Godet Voight at the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya de Mérida, is introduced with the preamble Cueva Flor / Lol-tun. The earth as a body [Flower Cave / Lol–tun. The Earth As a Body] by Lorena Ancona from Quintana Roo, and put into dialogue with De/construcción de una nación [De/construction of a Nation] by Demián Flores from Oaxaca. All three artists draw inspiration from the ancient cultures to propose a reflection not only on today’s diverse and plural Mexican society but more generally on canons of beauty, cultural exchanges, and the symbolic and material powers of native communities in a globalized world.


Edited by Catherine Petitgas

Curator of the exhibition Leïla Godet Voight

Texts by ORLAN, Lorena Ancona, José María Avila, & Catherine Petitgas

Works by ORLAN, Lorena Ancona & Demián Flores

Designed by Luis Dubón

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