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Lodos, Mexico City
June 29, 2017 – August 26, 2017

Down beneath the shimmering surface, our urchin was waking from his cozied slumber. Nestled between slowly quivering rocks, pulled by the ebb tide. As caustics danced across his barbed back, he let the larking swell bristle his outstretched spines, ringing out light melodies as they chattered together.

He would find a tall perch, and propel himself into a timed current, ferrying him above the bustling sea floor. Traveling from cove to cove, in search of others.

He had been thinking about the joys of touching another spine. He masticated the fantasy. ’Pitta Patta’; played in jest and enjoyed by two or more. The composition of spines clinking, a cacophonic strain that would pierce the aquatic planes.

Urchin presents a video made up of six chapters framed within fictionalized vignettes. Throughout the seemingly detached chapters and through his own musings the artist develops his character: Urchin.

The installation is made up of three parts that have transformed the gallery into an unconventional communal screening room for the video.


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