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«Universos Análogos. 10 experiencias híbridas de creación contemporánea», group show at the MAC, Lima

Through February 20, 2022

For over twenty years we have been living through an unprecedented technological revolution, that has generated definitive transformations in our lives and that have globalised and interconnected the world: namely the unlimited access to information and the development of tools that enhance creativity and critical thinking. Artificial intelligence is increasingly human, and humanity is increasingly artificial. Our contemporary experience is mediated by the permanent duality of the analogue and the digital, which is evident in many of the current forms of relationship between art and technology. These two realms arise from our primal impulses: dreams, fears and desires.

For this exhibition, Agarracamote has invited a group of Peruvian artists who bring together forms of creation and references from the analogue and digital spheres. By using experimental and “Do It Yourself” techniques, and thanks to the use of digital illustration and image and video editing software, they propose new forms of representation of the individual and collective, explore narratives and representative visions of the world we live in and create other possible worlds.

The generation of artists gathered in this exhibition is the first to grow up in coexistence with the constant acceleration of large-scale audiovisual content and production. In addition to the Internet; cable and satellite television had a great impact on them, through channels and content such as Locomotion, MTV, Adult Swim, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, among others. As multi-format proposals, such as VHSs and DVDs, became available, serialised programmes with experimental, grotesque narratives and acid graphics were introduced to local audiences.

These have contributed to an abundance of stories that played with distortion and colour, and that raised political issues, economic crises and proposals for a new and better world. Through digital editing, animation, fantasy
and fiction, the artists gathered here propose utopian, apocalyptic, playful and different worlds. They are artists and mediators of the hyperconnected world who put the contemporary in conflict, use their work as resistance and demonstrate that the sacrifice of the tangible does not mean a loss, but a new potential and horizon.


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