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Una red de líneas que se intersecan

ESPAC, Mexico City, México
November 24, 2016 – February 28, 2017




Artists: Omar Barquet, Slater Bradley, Christian Camacho, Julia Carrillo, Ricardo Cuevas, Óscar Garduño, Sergio Gutiérrez, Millree Hughes, Circe Irasema, Bayrol Jiménez, Madeline Jiménez, Robert Mars, Leo Marz, Otto Muehl, Nacho, Victoria Núñez, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Armando Rosales, Benjamín Torres, Joaquín Torres García, Marco Treviño, Eric Valencia, Peter Zimmerman

A network of lines that intersect consists of a curatorial exercise that explores some of the different ways to assemble an exhibition. Our first installment is based on three hubs: the reproduction and appropriation of images, experimentation with optical perception, and meta-reflections regarding the concept of exhibitions. Likewise, we have contemplated the inclusion of works from the ESPAC Collection that seek to generate a series of internal juxtapositions and non-linear dialogues.

At the outset, the show brings together the work of artists who look back on art history or pop culture imagery, parting from processes of reproduction and appropriation. Another of the hubs of this endeavor acts on a level of meta-exhibition, that is to say, by dealing with works that allude directly to other works found in the exhibition in order to comment on the institution that organized the project, or that invade the space more directly, seeking to break away from museographical conventions. Other works, lastly, cast doubt on our visual perception and signal how it is modified in turn by the technologies of vision and reproduction.

Through a series of interventions and rotations of works that will take place while the exhibition remains open to the public over these months, this project seeks to generate new curatorial articulations, gambling thus on the transmutation of the senses and the constant reconfiguration of our exhibition space.


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