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A Guide Not To Follow: Keys to Navigate the PAC/Covid-19 Fund

Throughout 20 years, the Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo (PAC) has been a key institution to support and give continuity to multiple projects within the field of visual arts in Mexico. Christian Gómez, PAC’s program coordinator, suggest some guides to learn about the 140 initiatives supported through the program that arose in response to the pandemic emergency.

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  1. The PAC has a board of directors made up of 17 contemporary art professionals, a team of 5 people, and multiple interlocutors.

  2. This text by Anthony Huberman on the role of care in medium-scale institutions has been a mantra.

  3. To dimension this observation, it is worth remembering that the PAC gave $1,273,000 MXN pesos in support per call in 2019. In 2020, from the resources added thanks to a special resource procurement effort, it granted around $2,740,000 MXN pesos.


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