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Galería Libertad, Querétaro, México
November 8, 2019 – December 8, 2019

In the words of the teacher, the neologue Felipe Ehrenberg, Julio Castillo “challenges to see with his direct visual simplicity […] And if perhaps a fragment of the life painted by Castillo deserves to be seen with greater detail, deserves to be possessed, then you should take it to your house”.

Enrique López Llamas shows through Tuyo (Yours) a series of traces and records around the figure of the painter Julio Castillo born in Queretaro (1954 – 2002), that allow us to corrupt the official vision of the localisms in the nation’s cultural projects. Through various explorations of specific site, like working with the dead archive of Galería Libertad, the wooden frame of the work Tuyo (1993) by Castillo or a secret door that connects with the house of the governor of the state of Querétaro, López Llamas makes visible the paradoxes of artistic practice in our time, as well as the hidden intentions that exist in the preservation, legitimization and appropriation of the cultural legacy of a local artist, as is the case of Julio Castillo.

Tuyo is presented to the viewer as an ambiguous metafiction narrative where the role of art is problematized against a locality, the purpose of institutional spaces and art history as a complex tool of discursive imposition.

Galería Libertad

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