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Something Other Than What You Are

REDCAT, Los Angeles, California, USA
January 23, 2016 – March 27, 2016

Camel Collective: Something Other Than What You Are 2-3-2016

Camel Collective: Something Other Than What You Are 2-3-2016

Camel Collective: Something Other Than What You Are 2-3-2016

Curated by Ruth Estévez

Anthony Graves and Carla Herrera-Prats, working collaboratively as Camel Collective, premiere their multi-channel video installation Something Other Than What You Are, the first solo exhibition of this group in the United States. Camel Collective practice focuses on the problems of work, pedagogy, and collectivity through archival research processes, painting, drama and photography.

Something Other Than What You Are focuses on the figure of the lighting designer as subject and spokesperson as a means to discuss the work and precariousness that exists behind the theatrical production format, forming a microcosms of the artistic cultural apparatus. Light is an intangible entity that becomes the source of the story’s narrative, combining documentary references with fictional situations. Something Other… begins as a performance written by Camel Collective that uses the REDCAT Theater as both a fictional setting as well as the subject of its study. The theater’s technicians have the dual role of invisible actors as well as workers needed for the production of the project. The performance consists of six scenes in which an actress plays different characters: a designer, a technician and a lighting professor, who speak about their experiences in the profession relating to the fragility of freelance work, human problems associated with collaboration, and the continuous updating and obsolescence of technological theatrical equipment.

Photo: Steve Gunther
Courtesy of REDCAT, Los Angeles


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