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« Silencio, vacío, [Silence, emptiness]» by Enrique Hernández at Tiro Al Blanco Gallery, Mexico

From February 3 to April 22, 2022, at Tiro Al Blanco Gallery, Guadalajara


This project is mainly related with some texts and processes, as well as with some drawings I have been elaborating along years. Long writing extensions are in some notebooks which I have been using all this time to reflect my artistic practice. At some point, the drawings started to have the same personal need that writing had and they became constant dialogues about: architecture, music, literature, even Art History; the landscape and persona ramblings are still subjects which appear along my work.

The title is taken directly of some of my texts. In a poetic way, it is related with a lot of my paintings intentions. When we see a painting, what do we really see? Is it just an image or is it an overlap of canceled layers for the superimposed plane, the visible one? In terms of seeing a painting we can really think that we only count with the image which survives through the destruction of many other ones, abandoned in the process. When we see an image, what are we not seeing? This is the starting point of some of my thoughts, this is the starting point of the silences… and the emptiness.


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