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Se ruega tocar. Intimar con las memorias del deseo

Terremoto La Postal, Ciudad de México
November 7, 2019 – December 20, 2019

To approach historical images of sex, we must remain open to what they can teach us, while also reflecting critically about the relationships and social contexts they represent. As El Insulto, we propose a perspective that questions the colonial gaze, which traditionally has flattened the other into an object of (for) the viewer’s pleasure. Se ruega tocar. Intimar con las memorias del deseo [Please Touch. Embracing the Memories of Desire] is an exhibition which, from its very design, contemplates the fantasies contained in the artifacts of the archive. Its format asks: What happens when we place ourselves at the same level as the objects? What new dialogues can emerge from this intimate encounter?

Many of the materials presented in this exhibition have passed through eras of severe prohibition in which people who carried them could be criminalized. The act of bringing them to a public space today allows us to become their accomplices; we delight in sharing them and the feelings they provoke. This sensual encounter with a contemporary  audience brings them a fresh life, and permits an exchange of new memories of desire.

Through this exhibition, Archivo El Insulto invites the public to participate in its process of investigation. We hope to foster a dialogue in which we may learn from the audience’s perspectives to better understand the impact of these materials on our current sexual culture.

El Insulto is an art collective dedicated to the recovery, conservation and promotion of an archive on sexual culture in Mexico. The archive is a place where one can go to encounter the erotic past and reactivate emotional and political relationships with artifacts. El Insulto seeks to share these materials and create communities around them.

Adolfo Vega (Mexico City, 1991). Founder and Director of El Insulto. He is a cultural manager; he studied contemporary art at Atelier Romo, visual communication at CENTRO, Cine, Diseño y Televisión at Universidad Iberoamericana, as well as archival studies in a self-taught way. His work seeks new possibilities for community relations from eroticism, image, archive, gastronomy and drawing.

Michelle Davó (Mexico City, 1996). She received her B. A. in Art History at Universidad Iberoamericana. Her research focuses on gender and sexuality issues within the theoretical and historiographic landscapes. She has managed art and fashion events with different national and international institutions. Since 2018, she is the Communications and Projects Coordinator of El  Insulto.

Terremoto La Postal

Launched in June 2018, La Postal is a program by Terremoto Magazine that fosters the dissemination of archival research projects within the artistic field through public exhibits. La Postal’s program issues a semi-annual call. The current call includes two projects to be exhibited between November 2019 and April 2020. The 2019 program of La Postal has the generous support of and the Prince Claus Fund for Arts and Culture.

Visiting hours
Monday to Friday from 10 to 18 h.

Free entry

Artículo 123 #116, interior 100, Centro CDMX


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