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New Dimensions in Recreation

ltd los angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA
December 10, 2017 – January 6, 2018

ltd los angeles presents New Dimensions in Recreation, Los Angeles-based Anja Salonen’s first solo exhibition at the gallery.

The contortionist’s body does not follow natural laws, torqueing limbs in a fashion that we know bones and ligaments should not allow. Beyond a reasonable suspension of disbelief, the body decontextualizes in real time, like a skeleton organizing its own constituent pieces in alphabetical order, becoming an arrangement of things. Salonen de-creates her painted figures through perspectival shifts and displacements more often associated with objects, digital media, and carnivals, texturing bare legs and wet lips as if they were malleable clay, plastic toys, or animated gifs.

In News Dimensions in Recreation, Salonen’s works display a network of precise distortions. Occupying corners and the floor, the X, Y, and Z axis paintings combine to form an anamorphic über image. A red thumb probes into space like a rude hologram, a checkered floor sucks down into a vortex. The bodies and furnishings in this new, extra-dimensional language flow like the manipulations within digital software, coded with virtual layers and the evidence of photos and flesh having been clicked and dragged with skew and warp tools. Cut, paste, enhance.

In addition to these paintings and their vivid scenes, New Dimensions in Recreation aptly premieres Anja Salonen and Marty Tzonev’s animation Pocket vacuum, 2017.

In 2017, Salonen was featured in several group exhibitions in New York and Los Angeles. She has been featured in numerous international magazines including The New York Times, i-D, AQNB, Art Viewer, Contemporary Art Daily, New American Paintings, Artspace, and Elephant.


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