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by Edgardo Aragón
February 1, 2016 – February 29, 2016

Every month Marginalia invites an artist, curator or project to provide a series of images that will serve as the background of Terremoto, in relation to their practice and current interests. At the end of each month, the identity of our guest is revealed and the whole series of images is unveiled.


The starting point of the series Gente feliz (Happy People) are the latest global statistics about happiness, where Mexico turned out to rank among the happiest populations in the world. The majority of the works in this series are related to the party or carnival that is traditionally thrown on Mexico’s communities to welcome a politician or a candidate, despite their possibly obscure present and/or past. A small gesture of irony also prevails in these works.

Edgardo Aragón was born in 1985 in Oaxaca, Mexico. He lives and works between Oaxaca and Mexico City, Mexico.
Historical and personal memory are interconnected in the work of Edgardo Aragón, revisiting history through a series of remakes and bringing into the present situations and narratives from his family that relate to broader social, cultural and political issues – and those related to the context of Oaxaca, the state of his birth, and to the conditions of a country disrupted by drug trafficking. He generally uses video to tell or retell a story and bring it back into operation and circulation.

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