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Seba Calfuqueo

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Within the framework of La Postal “the flash of something else” curated by Ana Gabriela García and Helena Lugo, the Mapuche artist Seba Calfuqueo shares with us a fable about the technologies of resistance against oblivion within Mapuche communities.


(Land seafood/mushrooms), 2020)
Video animation in 3D, 4K 5:33 minutes.


The Occupation of Araucanía or Pacification of Araucanía (1861-1883) was a series of military campaigns, agreements and penetrations of the Chilean army and settlers into Mapuche territory that led to the incorporation of Araucanía into Chilean national territory. The misnamed “Pacification of Araucanía” was the
expression used by the Chilean authorities for this war and the acculturation of the Mapuche territories.

During this period of war and to this day, mushrooms are a very important food source for Mapuche communities. This knowledge has persisted, in some communities that have transmitted their knowledge from generation to generation, techniques to collect them correctly, without damaging the mycelium so that it continues to bear fruit, with respect for others, without inflicting any damage.

MAPU KUFÜLL (terrestrial shellfish) is the way of designating mushrooms in Mapudungun and also the name of this animated ‘story’ that reflects on the cosmological perspective of the Mapuche people in relation to the collection of mushrooms and how they have been a symbol of resistance for communities.

Direction and edition: Seba Calfuqueo
3D Animation: Valentina Riquelme
Original text and voice: Ange Cayuman
English translation: Jorge Pérez Roldan
Special collaboration with the Mushroom Museum.


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