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Lxs Brutxs

Museo Universitario del Chopo, Ciudad de México, México
November 29, 2015 – February 28, 2016




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Metaphors are our way of losing ourselves in semblances or treading water in a sea of seeming.
— Roberto Bolaño

Being ‘equis’ stems from being x in the algebraic sense: a mystery, or something that could assume any value, in other words, something unknown. That is to say, being ‘equis’ denotes lack of popularity or mediocrity; it’s the same as being gray, not excelling and not being important.
— Internet

Lxs Brutxs are a group of individuals, who were or want to be a MULTITUDE. Insecure folks, who appear to be Mexican. However, they are not, yet still they cement a common ground. Chromosomes: (from the Greek chroma = color and soma = body).

Color and body. The sum of bodies is the result of a society… From the division of colors derives the chromatic, also known as racism. Although we deny that this means INFORMATION. Color and body.

The sum of information is the result of our experience. In scientific terms, DNA.

We store data, cells, dates, proteins, memories, molecule-doings, faces, bodies, we even store art. But sometimes we forget. Our cells divide. In many organisms, one of the pairs of homologous chromosomes is different from the rest, determining the sex of the subject. XX-XY

We understand ourselves as individuals. Out of the ordinary. But… you who are reading this, you’re part of a community, like it or not. Standing in front of your peers, imagine what these beings of stone and bone might be saying. You hear whispers that rise into the air like imperceptible smoke.

Lxs Brutxs live a wildcat strike. Standing silently, they shout slogans of love. They march rampant toward the tide of contradictions inescapable in our time. A silent strike. A motionless demonstration. These beings present unique voices that narrate histories ancestrally present. From a mass grave dug by the state, as well as your last post on Facebook, the success of a party, a community under the influence, the secret of personality lost amidst the crowd, the crumbling of a concrete society, or a nursery burning, Juan O’Gorman’s cave or your gaze distracted away from this text by a passing butt and the thousands of XY killed in the north. You remember all of this; it is part of your vital information.

This group of individuals is a reflection of you and me. All the people we are in the laboratory of life. All the differences that bring us together.

Is it the same to kill a mosquito as to kill a lion?

Text by Juan Caloca
Courtesy of the artist


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