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Luis Canseco «Images Alchemist», at Almanaque Fotográfica, Mexico

From 9, February to April 2022 at Almanaque Fotográfica, Mexico City

Upon two recurring elements: graphite —as a carbon mineral material— and drawing —as an expression of reality in two dimensions— Luis Canseco expands his artistic practice in a myriad of representations and images, as the constitutive instrumental conduits of the first act of his artistic production.

In the individual exhibition Alchemist of Images, presented by ALMANAQUE fotográfica in collaboration with Plataforma ArtBase, Canseco shows to the spectator a collection of drawings, sculptures, installations and intervened photographs inspired by his walks through the hills and mountains of Oaxaca, as well as its surroundings. His works make reference to the endemic nature of the region such as Guaje, May, Bougainvillea and Magnolia flowers, as well as their flowering in collaboration with bees and other insects that bring the artist deep memories of his grandmother.

His sculptural objects go beyond the bidimensional practice appropriating the space as the graphite expands to dimensions equivalent to a mountain. Drawing, multi-representation, polarity and scale; conspire to expound the artist’s ideological interests. Adorno and Flusser agree that “Technique is a prison that limits the environment and conditions its ideology.” Luis transmutes said condition and uses those elements, imprinting on them an almost metaphysical presence, to give the viewer the possibility to appreciate his work as a positive or negative representation and revealing processes that are reminiscent of magic, in order to generate images allegorical to poetry; being poetry one of the most abstract and beautiful tasks humanly possible.

Luis Canseco uses multiple visual languages ​​and artistic production fields as a tool to interpret the image, relying on the use of materials with a depurated technique to give life to this exhibition, in a manner of a progressive landscape that is revealed in multiple layers with procedures resembling of an alchemist.


Dulce Pinzón, Curator

Arturo Delgado, ALMANAQUE Director


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