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For Your Eyes Only

LABOR, Mexico City, México
September 22, 2016 – November 5, 2016




Katinka Bock’s work consists of spatial constructions —understanding space as what contains and connects—, where the relevance of materiality and body presence is stressed. Her works occupy the space multidimensionally to their limits and from them; they define the flows and movements, as well as interpersonal, interspatial and intertemporal relationships.

Opposite to the mechanization of experience and the loss of connections in a postindustrial society; producing and consuming images vertiginously, For Your Eyes Only is a penetrable exhibition that attempts to highlight the most immediate senses, like touching or hearing, while raising questions about the consistency and texture of the materials based on false visual clues and questioning the supremacy of sight over the other senses. “The walls of the exhibition space are atopic, (…) they smell like the sound of the borders”.

The artist has transformed the gallery space into a source of research and experimentation, expanding its physical and conceptual limits, in order to question and rethink them, same as the idea of artworks as autonomous and independent objects: their existence and meaning are inextricably linked to the physical space for which they were created, -water from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans sprayed on the gallery walls; the substitution of one of the doors for another that doesn’t fit its frame, a bronce piece with a patina formed through the reaction derived from the contact with animals in the garden, clay sculptures and fabrics affected by Paris and Mexico sun, among others.

The exhibition requires the viewer to get involved on every level, that he becomes active, present, responsive and attentive. Finally, her work points to the ontological nature of everything: impermanent, interdependent and lacking absolute identity.

For Your Eyes Only, was made in collaboration with Tatiana Lipkes, Mexican poet.


Courtesy of LABOR, Mexico City

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