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Group show "Mundos propios" at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina
March 10, 2021 – March 26, 2021

In the midst of the sense of rudderlessness and misgiving that has gripped us since March 2020, a context where our former points of reference have been transformed or even vanished altogether, we were able to find shelter in a convergence of wills. 

At a physical distance but mindful of one another, an implicit community based on the pleasure of creating emerge between us. As artists and curators, we formed a cellular and cybernetic organism in which each part played a specific role. That organism started to sketch out a world of its own.

Against all predictions, Mundos propios has constructed a body. The works are organs of affect that attest to the sense of pleasure: an act of heeling as lived collective experience. 

We envision a simultaneous, fragmented, and discontinuous panorama made up of nuclei that act as flexible guides within a single space. In that panorama, we form clusters of disparate works, materialities, and temporalities, and discover hubs, contradictions, and counterpoints. Each artist’s singularity forges an individual path and constructs a reality that only makes sense if seen from the whole.

Mundos propios is living matter. It is the representation of something greater, an aesthetic discourse. As a space of trial and error, of general idea and adjustment, it is a sort of laboratory of ideas in which all the elements intensify through working together to effect a transmutation that yields a consummate image. 

—Text and curatorship by Irene Gelfman, Natalia Malamute, Violeta Mollo and Rafael Toriz


Agustina Wetzel, Bart Network, Carlos Cima, Carrie Bencardino, Ely DD, Filippa Leporati, Florencia Curci, Florencia Romero, Jazmin Berakha, Jesu Antuña, Julia Levstein, Julián Astelarra, Julián Medina, Laura Ojedaa Bär, Maruki Nowacki, Matias de la Guerra, Ignacio Unrrein, Renata Molinari, Rodolfo Sousa, Vico Bueno.

Universidad Torcuato Di Tella


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