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"Exposición 0.1" by #GifHackFeministas, presented by Red Generación Espontánea, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico
July 9, 2020

Continuous/constant demonstration  

Virtual space has converted itself in public space, a space where opinions and postures about what’s happening day by day come across each other.

Starting with the 2020 pandemic, virtuality has become the only way of “safe” contact, the only one that offered us some freedom of expression. But what does it happen when a space offers so much freedom and access to information (that is not always true and verified, but this is another topic)? That information converts itself into a selling product, therefore new limitation anxieties and conditions appear.

The GIF functions as a fast and attractive transmission means, it refers directly to the reality that corresponds to us from and through an appropriation exercise.

Today, facing realities of misogyny and racism, the collective #GifHackFeministas uses the GIF as a form of permanent protest, because indignation about what is going on should not be just a one-day thing, it needs to be expressed constantly day by day.

P. S. If this exhibition is censored due to the T-MEC reform, the fact itself would become part of this demonstration to make even more evident the issues we are facing.

—Text and curatorship by Daniela Orozco (Red Generación Espontánea)

#GifHackFeministas Manifesto 

We are gifhackfeministas/gifhackfeminists

We decided to break into the network, inhabit the network, create in the network. 

We think the hack [1] as an action of “breaking limits”, creating new worlds, reappropriating technology for our purposes, and building feminist narratives. 

Our mission is to hack the patriarchal-capitalist system, we leak through its rifts and cracks, performing virtual activism through art.

We intervene in the hegemonic discourse: gender roles , trends, stereotypes, the history written by men and “the victorous.”

We believe in diversity as a lived value. 

We are aware of the variety of positions within feminism, and we firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express their ideas through art.

Reject the dogma! Reject the dogma! Reject the dogma! Reject the dogma! Reject the dogma! Reject the dogma! 

We are artists

We use appropriation and intervention as forms of resistance. We run a community where empathy, reflection and self-criticism prevail. 

We do not reproduce the patriarchal forms of competition. We build a safe space of work and self-care. We establish horizontal relationships of sisterhood. 

We experiment with new technologies and different audiovisual media. 

Play as a tool of creation.

Our slogans are freedom of expression, inclusion, transformation, and provocation through the senses.

Transform the discourses! Transform the discourses! Transform the discourses! Transform the discourses! Transform the discourses! Transform the discourses!

We are digitalized 

We will use virtual media to get closer and organize ourselves, to perform feminist activism. 

We use the internet and the democratization of information as a political stance against the forms of capitalism imposed within the digital space. 

We seek alternative and experimental ways to generate symbolic content.

Virtuality must be a tool of unity, encounters and feedback based on our differences, within our own artistic practices, regardless of  physical distance.

We demand virtual spaces free of gender violence and misogyny. We will never stop making visible the violence that takes place both in the material and virtual worlds.

Feminism is inside the web too.

Virtual revolution! Virtual revolution! Virtual revolution! Virtual revolution! Virtual revolution! Virtual revolution!  

We are cyclical

GIFs are cyclical, like women. 

GIFs resist, like women.

Repetition and resistance to break the loop of patriarchy.

We want to reflect the reality of our own contexts through the potential and power of images and the GIF’s movement. 

We won’t stop, we will repeat and reinvent ourselves as many times as necessary for us to be everywhere, see ourselves everywhere, hear ourselves everywhere, until we build a spiral that transcends and leaves behind violence and oppression.

We will flood the net.  

Repetition and resistance! Repetition and resistance! Repetition and resistance! Repetition and resistance! Repetition and resistance!


Actias Luna, Alina Sánchez, Ana A. Mora, Carime Aguilera, Galia Herrera, Jennifer Muñoz, Laura Arlotti, Neldy San Martín, Olivia Vivanco, Riviera Ruiz, Yesica Mendoza.



  1. Hack. Used to define “a shortcut or trick employed to save time, go forward or make life better”.

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