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Coco González Lohse presents "El Turista" at Isabel Croxatto Galería, Mexico

Isabel Croxatto Galería, Santiago, Chile
April 29, 2020 – June 10, 2020

Isabel Croxatto Galería presents El Turista (The Tourist), solo show by Jorge “Coco” González Lohse (Santiago, 1965), introducing its new series of digital exhibitions hosted at its online gallery on Artsy. This is the artist’s first virtual exhibition, and his first with Isabel Croxatto Galería. El Turista gathers 33 small size paintings created by González Lohse during the last six months, features curatorial text by researcher and curator Carolina Castro Jorquera, and will be on view online from 29 April.

El Turista by Coco González Lohse is far from tourism as we know it, far from frivolity, rest or pleasure; instead, it narrates a mystical and romantic journey, the exodus of a shipwrecked humanity in search of a lost paradise. From his craft in painting, and through a precious aesthetic, working with layers of washes and glazes—and his always distinctive playful language—, Coco González presents human individuals and groups wandering around the earth in a metaphor about travel.

Naked and wearing pointed black masks, the artist exposes his tiny characters entering unknown territories, those that only imagination or sentiment can explore. The lost paradise that its adventurers and shamans seek exists, but nobody knows where it is; it may be at home, in another country, or on a physical or mental trip. Fire is an important part of this search, since home is found where fire—both creator and destroyer—lives.

The exhibition comprises a series of 33 small format oil on canvas board paintings—”transportable”, in the artist’s words—, created during a period of time starting a few weeks before Chile’s 18 October social outburst, up to the social isolation due to the current pandemic.

The curatorial text of the exhibition was written by Chilean researcher and curator Carolina Castro Jorquera, PhD in Art History from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Coco González Lohse’s El Turista is the first in a new series of online exhibitions developed by Isabel Croxatto Galería for 2020, presented through its virtual gallery on Artsy.

About this new format, Isabel Croxatto, gallery founder and director, says: “Art itself is future, and it’s constantly changing. Everything affects it, and everything is transformed into material that can be affected by new codes: the codes of the artist and those of all the rich fabric that surrounds them, including the viewer, who plays a vital role in this ecosystem”. “In the current scenario, we are faced to adapt and reinvent ways of being together without being physically close. That is why we want to invite everyone to live with art more than ever, visiting this virtual exhibition and making it their own from their homes”, Ms Croxatto adds.

The exhibition will be on view from Wednesday 29 April 2020 atía-isabel-croxatto, with free access and no registration needed.


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