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Centro Cultural de España Santo Domingo presents the group show "El padre es de cristal, la madre de oro"

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
August 13, 2021 – September 25, 2021

The exhibition invites us to delve into the critical discourses of the participating artists regarding the material and natural heritage in which they inhabit. All of them consider the heritage as something that belongs to the community, and therefore, is not exempt from revisions.

Julianny Ariza Vólquez, Elisa Bergel Melo, José Morbán, Eliazar Ortiz and Charlie Quezada deal with non-“official” discourses from contemporary languages, from a retrospective view, and address untold stories. They intend to appeal to the bonds that are established from emotion, consider our experience with nature through imagination and examine the coercive possibilities of heritage from the institutional point of view.

The exhibition includes the participation of Soraya Aracena, Thaís Espaillat, Julia Lucrecia Taveras, Fatima Portorreal and Roberto Valcárcel Rojas as guests of each artist. They collaborate with five texts that reflect on the significance of heritage from their areas of personal work, in order to initiate a debate that extends beyond the visual arts and positions the topic of the exhibition from multiple perspectives that enrich each other.

The texts can be read here.

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