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El bien común

Mite, Buenos Aires, Argentina
May 21, 2016 – July 1, 2016




Witch doctor: Osías Yanov

In Common benefit Marcela Sinclair tries to more consciously practice the mode of production which defines contemporary art as collaborative and individual creation as an illusion of the art market.

According to Sinclair, every art piece involves a degree of plagiarism. The hypothesis is that constant popping-up references would torment the artist in his creative process, showing already colonized territories. Those irruptions could be sorted by tiptoe walking, in the hope nobody notices them. Or, if not brave enough to asume the risk of being caught, you could choose the option of surrendering to the referents and quote them explicitly.

The objects exposed in Common benefit equalize recent features and ways from the Buenos Aires art scene, very close to the artist, both in time and space.

I wasn’t very respectful with my sources of inspiration, so they are not clearly recognizable. The results so far lead me to think of a little wild plant, a non important but very resistant local species, with A’s nose, B’s voice and C’s gestures.

Appropriation and memory, certain art pieces that cling to the memory and how the artists come back to them. Sinclair’s work, once again, is about displacement.

From the notes by Osías Yanov and Marcela Sinclair

Courtesy of Mite, Buenos Aires


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