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Eduardo Sarabia

MACO de Oaxaca, Oaxaca, México
October 10, 2014 – January 5, 2015





Curated by César García


Eduardo Sarabia is the first museum survey devoted to the work of this Los Angeles-born, Guadalajara-based artist curated by Cesar Garcia, Director/Chief Curator of The Mistake Room, Los Angeles. Eduardo Sarabia brings together over a decade of the artist’s works, many of which will be presented in México for the very first time. A maker of stories, Sarabia develops works through a travel intensive research-based process in which the stories, histories and mythologies of various communities are mined in order to unveil how our understanding of the world and the places in which we live is constructed through fact and fiction, through both reality and fantasy. Working across a wide range of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, video and installation, Sarabia deconstructs the cliches and stereotypes that result from tense moments of cultural contact; depicting instead complexly textured narratives molded and informed by the movement of bodies, capital, and materials–both licit and illicit–across geographies and undefined terrains.


The exhibition traces the stories and narratives that Sarabia forges through the blurring of truth and fiction. Conceived as an immersive narrative and organized as a series of unfolding chapters that outline the development of Sarabia’s oeuvre, the exhibition allows viewers to encounter the various communities and peoples that have formed the basis for the artist’s artistic investigations. Encompassing installations that explore drug trafficking and its impact on popular culture; that document a quest for Pancho Villa’s hidden treasure; that take us to the world of spirits and shamans; and that introduce us to the ancient Mayan myths about the end of our current era through customs of peoples living in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, Eduardo Sarabia provides an in-depth look at the cultural ties that bind peoples, places and histories in Mexico and the United States. Through Sarabia’s work, we come to understand how our own perspective of the world is tied to much broader social processes and how our individual dreams, desires and fears are assembled not only by our own realities and fictions but also by forces in real and imagined distant lands.

The exhibition is made possible thanks to the collaboration between Instituto Cultural Cabañas -the first venue-  and the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca.

Link: http://museomaco.com/

Photo: Alberto Mendiola

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