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«De tus ruinas haremos nuevas formas», exhibition by Guadalupe Salgado at Can Can Projects, Mexico

From April 24 to June 6 at Can Can Projects, CDMX

“Only the world remains, only time endures”

Denis Diderot

We live over history, we dwell on ruins. Our environment is a dialogue among gestures, actions and shapes that are everywhere enduring their own existence, each fragment is a segment of memory, failures, oblivion, able to converge past, present and future.

De tus ruinas haremos nuevas formas brings speech and image into play to stress new symbols that emerge in an exercise of self-comfort and resilience during the quarantine. Through mats that overlap soft and familiar images with the shapes in their surroundings, Guadalupe Salgado turns to embroidery and assemblage to expand the means of inhabiting space for drawings. These are mats that does not just gather footsteps and dust, but are decorations and protection for the artist’s time and intimacy: it’s a way to learn to live among stains and tragedy. The drawings invade space as it invades their content as symbols. From the ruins of a world that appears unstable and
uncertain, Salgado picks up images that operate as a common reference in our collectivity to suggest other shapes, other utterances, and a language-game that undertakes absurdity and recreation.

Salgado creates bold images through an exercise of meditation embodied on the act of knitting. The needed patience and fondness in the technique allow for a split of the self to understand and grasp her own alterity in her environment.

This practice addresses misfortune from its own satirization, the self is understood through comicality, to explore new possibilities for ruin. The mats embody signs with a yet uncertain semantics that emerges from the relations between drawings, objects, art and space. The coexistence between the rugs’ softness and the steel bars’ stiffness opposes tangible and immaterial sensations, it shapes a scaffold where weaving, sustaining and cementing are combined in a single whole. Memorials are erected from the remains to initiate a dialogue between ruins and creation, amusement and pain, personal and collective tragedies. Ruins are what once was a whole, spare glory, beauty and human condition. Ruins are remains that become the beginning for a new chronology.

Text and translation by Pedro Álvarez Luna


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