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Cristina Ochoa presents "Spandemia" at CICLO Galileo 92, México

Mexico City
November 28, 2020 – February 28, 2021

When SARS-COV2 appeared in China last December 2019, we witnessed how a virus that seemed remote became an advancing epidemic throughout the world. On March 11, 2020 the WHO declared it a pandemic, an unprecedented event in the recent history of humanity.

Global lockdown caused a general slowdown in our way of life and various activities and businesses had to change. We were faced with important questions such as discarding what does not work for us or stopping doing what is unnecessary. But it was also necessary to think of solutions on how to continue life as we know it, as social beings, in the face of the rules and ways of interacting based on a virtual and digital plane.

The dynamics in public spaces were affected, however it was recognized that they play an important role in containing, avoiding or preventing contagions, which opens the opportunity to rethink the design of our cities, and the way of inhabiting, traveling and narrating them.

The change from being able to appreciate art and culture physically to having it done through a screen was something to which cultural areas had to adapt. But it is precisely this type of activity that is irreplaceable and for this reason it becomes necessary to continue to make cultural manifestations available to everyone, with visits in a responsible way.

Galileo 92 is a multidisciplinary temporary space that arises in collaboration with Andrea Paasch to give continuity to the initiatives of CICLO Arte para todos, reaffirming its commitment in contributing to the efforts to reactivate the cultural panorama of Mexico City.

Galileo 92is a Re-Urbano three-story building located in Polanco, which will be activated monthly. The program begins with two artistic projects on the ground floor: the Spandemia office and garden by the artist Cristina Ochoa and the exhibition I’ll go and the birds will keep singing by the artist Filogonio Naxín.


CICLO invited the artist Cristina Ochoa to collaborate, who has been conducting exhaustive artistic research on the medicinal and ritual uses of plants through her PHARMAKON project. For Galileo 92, he created Spandemia, a site-specific intervention that consists of two areas—an office and a garden—in constant circulation that seek to generate the cleanliness of the air through the vaporization of healing plants.


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