Creating and inhabiting: The Bienal en Resistencia

Eliezer Guevara Robles narrates the Bienal en Resistencia, a Biennial that seeks to escape from institutional conditioning that limit it or appropriate its powers of tenderness and free re/creation.

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  1. Habitability is a concept that arises from “Building Dwelling Thinking”, a text first presented by Martin Heidegger in Darmstadt in 1951. The question that arises is: to what extent does building belong to inhabiting? The conclusion is that we inhabit creation, building has inhabiting as its goal. In this way it happens in the work of art, we inhabit its creation.

  2. I understand logos as the raison d’être of something, its discourse. I see it in a more Hegelian than Platonic way.

  3. For Judith Butler, vulnerability is inherent to the human condition and refers to its biological and social interdependence. She calls it “precariousness”.

  4. Phallogocentrism is a neologism of Jacques Derrida, it is “the erection of the paternal logos”. The discourse of man and the phallus as a privileged signifier.

  5. I understand holistic as the thesis according to which the totality determines the parts and the understanding of the parts is not necessary to understand the totality. It is somewhat intuitionistic.

  6. Foucault is the one who links aesthetics to ethics in his analysis of the “arts of existence”, in his re-reading of Aristotelian ethics. In my opinion, the exercise of creation has an ethical relationship with all.

  7. Lauren Berlant, in her book Intimacy, a collection of sixteen essays, proposes the concept of public intimacy. I use it in the sense that individuals create certain human bonds from which they are affected from the inside out and vice versa. To be understood in a more optimistic way than in Berlant’s texts.

  8. Precariousness is the term used by Judith Butler that refers to situations systematically and differentially induced by political and economic variables.

  9. Paul B. Preciado, speaking in front of three thousand five hundred psychoanalysts at l’École de la Cause freunienne in Paris on November 17, 2019. Yo soy el monstruo que os habla, 2020, p. 67.

  10. I propose to speak of êthos/hollow in the following sense: I understand êthos as a way of life, of inhabiting the world in a shared way; hollow is the proposal of new possible habitabilities without hatred and misogyny.


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