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César Martínez presents "CIELOAZUL" at NeoTortillería, Mexico

NeoTortillería, Guanajuato, Mexico
July 31, 2020 – August 17, 2020

CIELO AZUL thinks of the situation of the object after its socially pre-established function, such as mirrors and glass which, when breaking in some way, lose their functionality and are disposed. I think of those broken objects now as a transcendence in their very existence, perhaps the textures that are formed when breaking, shapes, color, can generate in the viewer another reflection that one usually doesn’t take the time to think.

I think of these reflections and random shapes that are formed from these incidents as aesthetic manifestations that we can find in our common spaces.

I feel like my work looks beyond of what Oaxaca is.

It has been said that Oaxaca is sky. The sky is abstract.

And Oaxaca is not only about folklore society, but also about understanding it from a more personal thought without ceasing to be part of that same atmosphere.

It consists of 3 paintings of 50 x 60 acrylic on paper, 8 cuttings by hand on a holographic substrate of a religious magenta, a suspended 135 x 80 cm windshield and around 8 drawings in variable sizes.

Two broken mirrors illuminated with LED light.


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