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"Agua en vez de Oro" at LIBERIA, Colombia

LIBERIA, Bogotá, Colombia
January 30, 2020

Last January 30 the exhibition Agua en vez de Oro (Water Instead of Gold), curated by Andrés Matute (professor at Universidad del Tolima), opened in LIBERIA. The pivotal point of the curatorial project is structured from the artworks of young artists that are students or just got their bachelor’s degree at Universidad del Tolima in Ibagué. In their works an intense set of reflections on the landscape has been detected in diverse media. The project can find turning points and be addressed towards individual and group forms of representations within the geographic coordinates of Tolima region, with an accent in contemporary circumstances that in some ways blur the borders and arise questions about what constitutes the cultural identity in Colombia.


Alejandra Carvajal, Cristhian Chitiva, Camilo Rodríguez Ibarra, Carlos Zúñiga, Colectivo SAL, Denny Pinto, Gabriela Cano, Nicolás Fernández.


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