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Agua del día

El Quinto Piso, Mexico City
February 6, 2018 – February 17, 2018

Artists: After Howl, Martin Belou, Aline Bouvy, Julie Escoffier, Francisco Muñoz, Fernando Palma Rodríguez, Ben Van den Berghe & Alexey Shlyk, Javier Peñalosa M, Ling Sepúlveda, and Charlotte Vander Borght

Set Design: Clémence Seilles

For its first edition, the curatorial platform AGUAS invites 10 artists from Mexico City and Brussels whose artistic practices include a multiple conception, with several centers of influence, techniques or decision-making. The title of the exhibition refers to the aguas frescas (fresh waters) found in Mexico street stalls or restaurants and the daily and perishable dimension of its production. Through in-situ proposals, sculptures and installations but also photo murals, performances and drawings, the artists implement processes open to time, connecting with the immediacy of a daily production.

AGUAS is a curatorial platform founded by Rodrigue Mouchez and coordinated by Julia Barrios de la Mora with the aim of facilitating an artistic dialogue between artists from Europe and Latin America, with a special focus on Mexico City and Brussels in 2018, through exhibitions, talks and publications.


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