Wirunwan Victoria Pitaktong

Wirunwan Victoria Pitaktong works with translation in its varied forms and manifestations, fumbling
around written and spoken words in search for resonances across territorial waters.

Since 2019, Pitaktong has also been a member of the artistic collective Speedy Grandma in Bangkok,
which has curated exhibitions, organized film screenings, flea markets, and an alternative school,
among other activities. In 2020, she co-founded the Namkheun Collective. Literally translated as
‘Rising Tides,’ Namkheun is a product of disgruntled text exchanges where we shared memes,
unfulfilled dreams, and personal insights. Together, we raged over the state of the world. Framing
written works and translation as a form of activism, the collective focuses primarily on the Thai
cultural landscape and possible reimagining of sociocultural boundaries in Thailand.

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