Mexico, 1985

María Sosa

Her work raises questions about the search for the past and the events that constitute contemporary social dynamics, emphasizing the investigation of the processes that arose in the colonization of America such as the epistemicide of pre-Hispanic worlds, racism, sexism and the invisibility of non-western ways of life and knowledge.

Starting from the concept of “ecology of knowledge”, her practice is characterized by the collaborative and the conception of production processes outside the traditional artist’s studio. Contemporaneity is a container of simultaneous realities, so that Sosa’s work can only be raised by constructing questions from the collaborative, speculative and transdisciplinary perspective, translating her approaches and questions into actions, sculptures, publications, videos, conferences, talks and performances.

She studied Visual Arts at the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo. Her artistic work parts from the exploration of both artisanal techniques typical of where she was born, as well as the production of pre-Hispanic and contemporary ritual objects. She has exhibited collectively at Venice International Performance Art Week in Italy; at the Carrillo Gil Art Museum, the MUAC University Museum of Contemporary Art, the MUCA Roma University Museum of Sciences and Arts, the Juan José Arreola Lake House and the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico; HEAD Genove École D’art et de Design in Switzerland and at the Art Center Kunstquartier Bethanien in Germany.

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