Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Idjahure Kadiwel

Idjahure Kadiwel is a poet and anthropologist, born in Rio de Janeiro and a member of the Terena and Kadiwéu indigenous peoples of the Pantanal do Sul-Mato-Grossense. His work and activities encompass the arts, music, memory, ethnomedia and the ethnology of indigenous peoples. He was a correspondent for Radio Yandê (2016-2020), editor of the collection Tembetá (Azougue Editorial, 2017-2019), researcher for the residency program of MAM-Rio | Helmet 2020, and more. He is currently developing his doctoral research on the indigenous musicalities and verbal arts of the Alto Rio Negro. He holds a master’s degree in Social Anthropology from the Museo Nacional/UFRJ and is a doctoral student at USP.


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