Santo Domingo, 1981

Héctor Eliazar Ortiz

Héctor Eliazar Ortiz (Santo Domingo 1981) studied Engineering (UNPHU) and Photography (EAF, Buenos Aires). He made his first exhibitions in Buenos Aires, participating in the underground art movements of the city through feminist and LGBTQI collectives, these first works dealt with the human body and language, a recurring theme throughout his career. Upon his return to Santo Domingo, he received an Honorable Mention at the XXVII Biennial of Santo Domingo among other awards and recognitions. He settles in Las Terrenas and begins to work with materials from the environment, incorporating the environment into his work. Nature provides him with structures and metaphors to dialogue about masculinity, language and the colonial / decolonial. Photography is a unit in his practice, documentation, sketches, installations, performance and drawings are articulated through the camera.

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