Indonesia, 1974

Gustaff H. Iskandar

He graduated from Fine Arts Department, Bandung Institute of Technology in 1999. After finishing his study, he runs Poros Art Management and actively curates, wrote, and organizing visual art exhibitions until 2000. Furthermore, he initiates the publishing of Trolley Magazine (2000 – 2001), a local independent magazine that focuses on art, culture, music, and fashion. By the end of 2001, he co-founded Bandung Center for New Media Arts together with Reina Wulansari, R. E. Hartanto, and T. Reza Ismail, and strongly engage with the development of media arts and multidisciplinary artistic practice in Indonesia. By the year 2004, he developed the Common Room Networks Foundation (Common Room), an open platform for art, culture, and ICT/Media. Later on, he initiates an urban/rural platform for collaboration to ignite creativity, innovation, and social transformation in 2013. Working together with his wife, Reina Wulansari, and other colleagues, Gustaff currently lives and works in Bandung where he continues working on his art and develops the organization to manage certain projects and initiatives that integrates arts, science, and technology. He also writes and speaks on discussions and symposiums, besides running a small farm in Sukabumi, a small town in West Java, Indonesia.

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