Geocinema (Solveig Qu Suess & Asia Bazdyrieva) is a collective that explores the possibilities of a “planetary” notion of cinema. Based in Berlin and Kyiv, they are conducting episodic research vis-a-vis experiments in moving image, narration, and collective thinking. Each probe into ways of understanding and sensing the earth while being on the ground enmeshed within vastly distributed processes of image and meaning-making. Their work has circulated internationally, including most recently their first solo show Making of Earths at Kunsthall Trondheim (2020), and, in group shows including Critical Zones at ZKM Karlsruhe (2020-21) and Rethinking Collectivity at Guangzhou Image Triennale (2021). Bazdyrieva & Suess were Digital Earth Fellows (2018-19), and have been nominated for the Schering Stiftung Award for Artistic Research (2020).


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