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"Divas nos queremos" by s+s project & BabyRatta

A series of micro-grants that help support trans artists + activists living in Mexico

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Ale Pichardo (logistics/graphic design): @yakuzzi_gun
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BBVA: 4152313679290119

Over the course of a decade, s+s project operated in non-white cube project spaces + historical + cultural institutions, presenting alternative exhibitions of contemporary art in TX, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, CDMX, and Central America. In 2016, s+s project embarked in a new curatorial direction to facilitate and create dialogues between Mexican and international artists from different generations culminating in a presentation of numerous performances and installations across Mexico City. These exchanges resulted in alliances, offering new perspectives, options, and solutions for self determined future programming, it’s current dilemmas and their audience.

Founded by Sofia Moreno in Chicago in 2009, s+s project is a nomadic artist plataform that is essential for cultural promotion and exchange of radical ideas through queer aesthetics + exxxperiences. Participating  artists have been included in a wide array of internationally renowned exhibitions and their works are regularly exhibited by leading museums and cultural institutions across the globe. s+s project is committed  to working closely  with our community of artists, curators, and writers. In depth collaborations create cultural alliances between artist, together they realize project  exhibitions, queer film screenings, performances, and educational programs. Our mission aims to contextulize and affirm the importance of social and cultural value of queer artistic experimentation.

Not having a physical space has give us the time to step back, recharge, archived material, reflect and work on our transition. However, not having a physical space should not be a factor to stop creating alliances. The s+s project will continue to live on through our social media content as AestheticDisorderd online zine, residency program in Mexico City & pop up events and connecting artists to opportunities and behind the scenes action. In collaboration with our incredible community, s+s project has been able to offer studio space a few artists, host over 20 events, feature numerous local and nationally recognized artists, collectives, activists and organizations. Together, we’ve cultivating a thriving community that supports each other specially trans artists of color… are manifestó is to access, inclusion, and bringing people together through live performances, art expositions, pop up events and educational programs that uplifts our community. This way of working is and always will be at the core of all we continue to do. A physical space cannot change that.

In 2020, s+s project in collaboration with babyratta created Divas nos queremos, a series of micro grants that helps support the financial burden of  trans artists + activists living in Mexico and soften the impact of  COVID-19. We hope to extend our support to Central America and South America soon. We continue to take donations for more information on s+s project and Divas nos queremos.

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