Contemporary Art in the Americas Arte Contemporáneo en las Américas


Debra Barrera

Moody Gallery Houston, Texas, USA 04/08/2017 – 05/13/2017

Menina is a collection of works inspired by two rooms in my childhood home: the formal living and dining room. These rooms were decorated by my mother and filled with opulence and ornamentation; paintings of faux Dutch still life, gold tassels hanging from lamp shades, and pistachio green velvet pillows. Rarely used, the rooms became

Mariah and Marie Laurencin, 2017. Archival print on granite. 7 x 4″. Courtesy of the artist. Installation view. Courtesy of the artist. Versailles, 2017. After Alexandre Benois’ painting The King Walked in Any Weather, from the series The Last Walks of King Louis XIV, 1898. Graphite on paper, velvet. 25″ x 30″. Courtesy of the