Contemporary Art in the Americas Arte Contemporáneo en las Américas


Matthew Schrader

Radical Abacus Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA 06/02/2017 – 07/02/2017

Curated by John McKissick Work and shock and floor: the infrastructure of flows might carry and problematize a schema for installation and composition. As conductive paths model charged unity and the conditions of entropic asymmetry that make cohesiveness possible. Staking the whole construction to an outside, dependent on earthen disparity, a sink for stray voltage. Exteriority, analogy

Installation view. Matthew Schrader, ground, 2017. Courtesy of Radical Abacus, Santa Fe. Untitled (I passed into the social space), 2017. Photograph. Courtesy of Radical Abacus, Santa Fe Untitled (or solid particles, that form a residue or sediment or land of a specified kind or an area of enclosed land surrounding a house or building or get