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Contiene lengua Contiene lengua

Contiene lengua

Miriam Laura Leonardi y Víctor del Moral

Aguirre Ciudad de México 02/04/2019 – 03/16/2019

The abolition of the manifest and the latent, the appearance and the hidden?… If it were asked of analysis not to destroy power (or even correct or to direct it), but only to decorate it, as an artist? —Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse, 1977 What is a communication system? In the work of Víctor del

Miriam Laura Leonardi, We Don’t Need Another Hero (detail) (2019). Cuerda trenzada. Imagen cortesía de AGUIRRE Miriam Laura Leonardi, The Club Club Club Club (2019). Vinil sobre papel. Imagen cortesía de AGUIRRE Víctor del Moral, M abierta 1 (tipografía) (2019) y M abierta 2 (caligrafía) (2019). Espejo de cristal, plástico y espejo. Imagen cortesía de AGUIRRE The

The Weather in Zürich

The Weather in Zürich

Kaspar Müller

Aguirre Ciudad de México 09/22/2018 – 11/05/2018

How to look at a world like this? Extremes touch each other. — Víctor del Moral Artists are, to a large extent, time collectors. In their aim to conglomerate specific ages, periods, and moments, artists get us closer to realities that, if apparently alien, are increasingly similar to ours. But this similarity does not lie

The bathing, 2018. Video, 29’. 1 Edition + 1AP. Photo: Jordán Rodríguez. Image courtesy of Kaspar Müller and Aguirre String III (The Weather in Zürich). Ink on paper, hemp rope, clips. Variable dimensions. Photo: Jordán Rodríguez. Image courtesy of Kaspar Müller and Aguirre A certain lack of coherence, 2018. Shelf with two handblown glass objects, bibelots, antiques. 67 x



En colaboración con Edouard Montassut y Embajada

Aguirre Mexico City 04/14/2018 – 05/23/2018

The presentation comes together by the means of language. Language is taken here as a forced transaction and as an impossible negotiation, which leads to humor and tragedy. Humor is the ability to abstract oneself from a certain situation, from the I to the We. “You have model sentences with which you can get through life” “You can learn and

Maria Loboda, The Evolution of Kings, 2017. Image courtesy of Aguirre Installation view, 2018. Image courtesy of Aguirre Jorge González, Los ojos cuadrados de Atabei (Part 2), 2017. Image courtesy of Aguirre La muestra colectiva se reúne a través del medio del lenguaje, mientras se toma como una transacción forzada y como una negociación imposible, lo cual lleva